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Since its inception in 2010 Taafi Phrama

is one Group of Companies (Taafi pharma- BELONG PHARMA & BELONG CORP) has been involved in developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class pharma Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals importing , marketing distribution and health care area m with , a vision of providing .quality and offordable products to the society Currently TaafiPharma marks a leading position in the field of pharmaceutical formulations trading , distribution and imports . Our Coporate Headquarters is located in Sana'a STATE-ALTAHREER) Yemen with 11 braches throughout REP. OF YEMEN. .This division dealt with the import business of pharmaceuticals and baby milk . Taafi Pharma could then represent many World pharmaceutical companies and could expand its activites to cover the whole Yemen market . The Company enjoys great repulation and respect by the officials of the Health Minis-try repsresented by the supreme board of drugs and medical appliances for its role in providing durgs to all community members in the Republic of Yemen .

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To enable people to lead a healthy life by providing High standards of pharmaceutical services and products with competitive prices .


To become the leading pharmaceutical distribution Company in Yemen through the provision of Pharmaceuticals addressing diverse medical needs .

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Yasser Al-Houri


Abdul Rahman Al-Wali

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Mohammed Atef


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